Lots-a pictures added

Well, I’ve gone through all my CDs, zip drives, and hard drives to load a ton of stuff!  You can browse some of my photos by choosing a page title on the right side of my main page.

I’d love to hear some feed back.  I apologize in advance if any photos are side-ways…I tried not to upload any that I couldn’t rotate first (and I’m still hoping to figure out if I can rotate them on here).  Goodness knows I have soooooo many more photos I could add if I could rotate them here!  (They’re stored on CDs and I can’t rotate them there.  Haven’t felt like copying them all over again to my hard drive just to turn them right-side-up).

I am in the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area.  If you ever have an event that you want an extra camera on, let me know and maybe we can work something out.  I’ve also invested in some studio lighting equipment and hope to try and do some portrait work as well.


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