Buying a house….we hope!

Our offer on a new-to-us house was accepted – now we have to get through all the paperwork!  The property is bank-owed, bought back in foreclosure, so we might be getting a good deal.  It’s hard to tell because the house needs work.  Most of the work is about cosmetics (paint, flooring), but the kitchen and baths need complete overhauls.  This should be an interesting venture!



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5 responses to “Buying a house….we hope!

  1. Closing on Wednesday! Gonna be a busy weekend getting work started! Need to fence in a large part of the yard for the dogs; need to cut back some bushes; need to completely re-do the kitchen and bathrooms; and paint! Every room needs paint!

    This will take a LOT of weekends!!

  2. Looks like everything’s a go (we hope) to close earlier than the amended 4/20 – like in next Wednesday! Can’t wait! I want to get in there and start working. Now, to prioritize! Fencing will have to be one of the top items as we can’t take the dogs along while we work if they can’t be let out without being on a leash.

    A friend in the remodeling business estimated the kitchen and 2 full baths (if he were to do them) would run about $60k. Uh, thanks? But I think we will do the work ourselves. Can’t afford that kinda mulla without our current house even being on the market, let alone sold!

    Let the fun begin!

  3. Well, it’s nearly the end of March and we finally were told the dewinterization is complete. We’ve scheduled time for an inspector to look at the house this week. Our bank sent an appraiser out, and we got that report back today, too. We’re good to go on the loan side.

    On the caution-side, our insurance company sent someone out to look at the place and reported to us that they want the soffits (underneath the eaves of the roof) repaired before they’ll insure the house. Great! The bank that owns the house may not choose to do any repairs, as per their contract. WE can’t do the repairs because the contract forbids us doing anything before closing. So, while we work on getting the house inspected, we have to wait to hear back from the seller/bank. :pppffftttt

  4. OMG….it’s already 3/20 and the bank (who owns the house) hasn’t let us in yet for inspections. Last week, they (once again) were supposed to have it dewinterized but have never gotten back with us to say it’s done. Ten days to closing and we know absolutely nothing of what’s going on!

  5. Went to the bank today to sign loan papers. Waiting to hear from the seller/bank if they’ll have the house de-winterized by tomorrow – need to get the appraiser and inspector in there! Guess it’s happening! Should close by 3/30. 🙂

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