Oh, man!  I am sore and whipped!  lol   Been doing a lot of yard work at the new place, though it’s not easy to see that we’re making much progress.  Cut down the bushes in front of the house that were blocking the window…still need to pull the stumps out.  Cleared away a lot of dead stuff from around the deck – now you can see where we need to replace a lot of latice.  Not going to do that till we know how the actual deck is holding up.  Found some loose boards, but hoping the main structure holds up.


Looks like the hot tub will probably need replaced.  Haven’t checked out the plumbing and electrical yet, but there’s no guarantee that it was ever winterized, and the house sat empty for at least 2 years.


The pool…well…what a mess!  Started trying to clear some of the weeds around it.  Wow!  I should have taken a picture of the “tree” that grew up in the middle of a brick path from the gate to the pool’s apron.  Hard to believe it only started 2 years ago, but it’s root headed straight for the pool, so I have no idea what we’ll find when we ever get it drained!  I’m almost afraid to see.  I think I’ll go swim in the pond!


Bought a bunch of paint, so we’ll be starting some of that soon.  Gonna try and get the master bedroom painted, make sure at least one full bath is totally functional (if still ugly), and get some appliances in the kitchen.  If we get that much we can formally move in and empty the old house enough to fix it all up to sell.  I’m really wishing I didn’t work every other weekend now!  I feel like I don’t have enough time to get anything done.
But it’s the choice we made and, so far, we’re not arguing about anything.  I think that’s because Lyle has things he wants to work on, I have things I want to work on, and we don’t need each other to do those things (for now).  So far, I think that’s the secret of living through a two-house remodel (or at least re-decorating!) without killing each other!  😉


Keep checking out the “Our New Fixer-Upper” page (link to the right) for pictures….I will try to post them as I go.


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