Now I know why the first four letters in “painting” are P A I N!!  I am in pain.  My neck is soooooo stiff!   LOL  I’m getting too old for this sh*t!

But, I’m making progress.  Since the Behr Ultra Paint with Primer didn’t cover in two coats of the “Wet Coral” over that royal blue, I opted to just primer the other 2 walls since the “Victorian Pearl” was even less likely to cover it up.  Oh, the wisdom of using primer!!!  It made the paint roll on so smooth and easy!  I almost could get away with just one coat, but since there are a few areas that look like just a hint of blue is showing through, I’m going back in a couple days for the final coat.  Then I have to touch up that inside corner where the 2 colors meet (my hand was not so steady!).  I’ll be reviewing some painting tip sites that I bookmarked off Pinterest for help with that.  🙂

Knowing how well the primer worked on these walls, I’m definitely going to primer the walls of my future craft room before painting.  I went in today to spackle all the old nail holes and other imperfections (if I could find them among that detailed sponge technique on the walls).  I am now wondering if the former owners had pet birds.  Something dripped, splattered (and dried long ago) down the walls in there and, if it wasn’t bird poo, I don’t know what it might have been!  I scrapped and sanded those areas of the walls.  So glad I got the Kilz primer so whatever it was, it’ll be covered forever!

Saw an orange tabby cat resting in my side yard for a bit today.  Not sure if he used to live there or not.  I had thrown away several old and broken cat-food bowls from under the deck.  Not sure when this kitty’s last meal was since the house has supposedly been vacant for 2 years.  I’m sure he’s learned to live off the land!  I don’t plan on feeding him nor making him welcome…don’t think the pups would like it and don’t want him to be hurt.

Lyle was out to the house over the weekend and got his barn roof repaired, replacing all the sky-light panels with regular metal pole-barn roofing panels.  He also weed-whacked and mowed all around and made the barn look pretty darn good.  He fixed the plumbing that was removed (for no apparent reason) to one of the outside spigots.  No leaks indoors, but the faucet outside still needs replaced as it leaks quite a bit.  I’m not sure what’s on his agenda for the weekend.

So, I’m looing forward to a couple nights of work, then back to painting a lot more this weekend!  As always, I will post pictures of the progress.


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