More Pain-ting…

The day was dreary and cold so it was a perfect time to get more painting done.  I had primed the walls in my future craft room yesterday, so was ready to get painting today.  I’ve put primer and 3 coats of white semi-gloss paint on all the base boards and door trim – and it looks like it still needs more!  Oh!  and when I was cleaning the walls, I found (hidden in the details of the sponge technique that was there) what looked to be bird poop!  Ugh!

So the first coat of my lime-green paint is on (finally), and I’ll do the second coat tomorrow.  What’s sad is that a gallon of paint doesn’t go very far these days – I don’t have enough paint to finish the second coat, and neither did Lyle when he painted the pink room today.  So, we’re stopping at Home Depot again tomorrow for MORE paint!!  Now Lyle says we wouldn’t have had this problem if I’d gotten paint at Sherwin Williams, but their paint is soooooo much more expensive! And, after using primer anyway, it’s not that I need more paint to cover up the original colors…it’s just not enough for the size of these rooms.

Lyle’s father brought out his big tractor today with a mower deck that pulls behind it.  Even in the drizzle this morning, he wanted to mow the back 6 acres (Lyle mowed the front acre earlier this week).  Bob told me about some of the different birds and snakes he saw while mowing, and after he finished, I saw a deer out by the pond.  I can’t wait to be out there all the time so I can start photographing the things living around me!  Of course, I’ll post those pictures, too!

Okay, I’m beat!   I don’t know when I’ll get the full range of motion back in my neck ever!  But this house is going to look great when we finish!!



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3 responses to “More Pain-ting…

  1. Wee

    Thanks for the tips! ^__^

  2. Wee

    I’ll be painting soon too. Fun fun! =__= Any pointers on painting around trims and baseboards? ^__^

    • For painting around trim and baseboards, I bought the green “frog” tape. In tight areas, I also used some newspaper to protect the trim even more (though don’t use newspaper on areas you’ve recently painted as the print ink could come off – then use some plain white packing paper if you have it). Before you remove your tape from the trim/baseboards, use a box-cutter or X-acto knife (something with a razor-blade-like edge to it) to score along the edge where the paint meets the tape….if you don’t, you could risk pulling off a layer of paint with your tape (done that before!!). Good luck with your paint job!!

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