I need to go to work to get some rest!!

Well, it’s been a long weekend working at the new house.  Thanks to Lyle’s power roller, the upstairs (minus bathrooms) is done as far as painting goes.   We’ve got carpet on order – should be in the store in a week, and installed shortle after that.  Once the carpet is down, we will officially move in.

On the “boo-hiss” side.  I visited our little town’s post office today.   Well, it’s a LITTLE post office!  I was informed that, since the mail carrier cannot see our house from the curb where the mailbox is, NO packages will be left for us…just a notice to go pick it up at the post office.  That’s gonna suck, the amount of on-line shopping I do!  I will invest in the largest curb-side mailbox I can find, but that’s not gonna solve everything!  And the road to the post office is VERY twisty, windy, and hilly….grand adventures come winter!

Today I spent a couple hours at IKEA…I fell in love there!  I wanted so many different things, but had to settle on one thing to start out with (had my small car and no one to help me unload it once I got to the house!).  Of course, my future craft room took priority!  I bought some shelving units that have bins to slide in and out.  These will replace the many plastic drawer towers that I’ve been using.  I have to finish assembling them, then see what the space in that room will be like before investing in other storage units or tables.  I can’t wait!   I also saw a sofa, sofa tables, and a book case that I plan to get for the living room (unless Lyle completely turns his nose up at them).  I’ll have to wait a couple weeks till I have enough free time – and Lyle’s truck! – before making any more IKEA purchases!

Once things start getting moved in, I will certainly be posting more pictures.  For today – some views of the painting accomplishes yesterday!



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