Love Big Tractors!

My father-in-law had brought down his Allis-Chalmers tractor a couple weeks back and had mowed the “back 40” (which is more like the back 6 acres of our lot).  He cleared a path around the pond, as well.  Today, he mowed again – I think he just likes to ride his tractor!  lol  In any event, the lot looks GREAT now!!    I really want to make a patio/picnic area back by the pond…it’s so peaceful there!

Here are some pics of the afternoon’s work…




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6 responses to “Love Big Tractors!

  1. Wee

    LOL @ what’s in your pool! XP And man, 7 aces is HUGE! You’re so lucky!! And you have deer too! XDDD I bet you also have lots of small animals like squirrels and rabbit? Want me to send over a Canadian beaver for your pond? 8D

    • LOL I’m almost afraid to ask what a Canadian beaver is! But, sure! What the heck! Of course, he’ll have to fend for himself against any coyotes that roam around out there!

  2. The whole property is 7 acres. The pond is supposed to be stocked with some fish, but I haven’t spent much time back there to verify it. (Our pool as frogs and turtles! heehee). Also there are deer (for sure) and coyote (reportedly) among other wildlife. I think a heron frequents the pond at times, too.

  3. Wee

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that pond yours too? 8))

    • Yep. I eventually want to make a “patio” area back by the pond with a picnic table and fire pit. It’s really nice back there!

      • Wee

        I can tell it’s really nice by the photos! You’re so lucky!!!! ^__^ How large is the land? Are there anything living in the pond right now?

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