Room by room…

…I’m getting there.  Painting is done in the hall bathroom and the first coat is on in the foyer.  If it weren’t for my “perfect” eye, I’d love to say one coat is enough there, but I’ll go put the second coat on tomorrow.  Then I think it’s time to tackle priming the living/dining room – or I could start in the family room.  Those are the only areas I have left (besides the kitchen and master bath that both need gutted before painting).  Oh, that half-bath needs some work done on the walls, too, then it’ll need paint.  But that is a small enough space that I won’t have to spend too much time in there.

Oh, I don’t remember if I posted a picture of the area in front of the house I’m working on.  Remember, this is what it looked like with all those over-grown bushes….

Well, this is it now (but I still need mulch)….

And this is what Ripley thinks of time spent out at the new house (since we haven’t gotten a fence put up yet)…


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