Never use flat enamel paint…

…it’s horrible!  The guy at the Home Depot near the Dayton Mall grabbed a can of flat enamel instead of eggshell, which is what even HE told me to go with.  I figured it would be okay for the first coat (after priming).  Well, it didn’t cover well at all.  Where the primer was a bit thinner in places, and where I had overlapping edges of the flat enamel, I ended up with darker “shadows” or areas on the wall.  I had a second can of the same color but in eggshell and it did pretty good at smoothing out some of the areas, but I may need a third coat (and I don’t have enough paint for another coat) to make it turn out right.

Now I’m worried about painting in the living/dining room because the same thing happened with the paint – asked for eggshell and the guy grabbed more flat enamel.  This area is larger and I have areas where the primer is thinner in spots.  I don’t want to go through the same ordeal, so I may have to try and return the two cans of flat enamel and get more eggshell.  God, I hate making returns!

Oh, did I moan again about how painting is a PAIN!?!?    I’ve pretty much gone two days straight between priming and painting.  And my sweet husband came out to the new place to mow, saw how much work I had done and says “I didn’t think we’d have this much painting done before we moved in.”  “WE”?????  I think he forgot who’s actually doing the work!  😉


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