Moving in

We spent our first night in the new house last night…it was wonderful!  We’re getting a lot done at a faster pace than we’d hoped, all thanks to my incredibly gracious and resourcful in-laws!!!  They have helped so much!

We’ve still got a ways to go, but at least the house is livable and looking like a home.  Our brand new bedroom set was delivered and assembled on Friday.  I had already had the linens bought in preparation.  We got a set of blinds and curtains hung as well – and they are much-needed items as the afternoon sun comes in the bedroom window and, along with the sky-light, really heats that room up!


Oh, and did I mention how SMALL our little town’s post office is?  They actually close at lunch time for an hour!  I got there at the wrong time and had to sit in the car for about 20 minutes or so for them to re-open.  Luckily, the little building they are in is shared by a small market that sold ice cream bars!

Still have some stuff to move, and we don’t have internet service at the new house yet, so my updates both here and on facebook will be intermittent, as will my on-line attendance!  Wow….whooda thunk you could get me away from the computer for so long!!!!



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5 responses to “Moving in

  1. Wee

    Oh I see! A little fix up can go a loooong way! But I guess I didn’t have to tell you that since you’ve probably looked at enough homes as a buyer yourself. XD

  2. Wee

    Will you guys be selling the old home or renting it out later?

  3. Wee

    I love the finished bedroom! It looks great! XD

    • Thanks! I’m working on the living room/dining room today. Had to run to the old house though, to check emails and such because we haven’t yet gotten any internet set up at the new house!

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