Fences, crawl spaces, dogs and, paint.

Lyle and his dad have started setting the posts for the area of the back yard we are fencing in for the dogs (the rest of the 7 acres will have to wait!).  It’s a tedious process and I can only hope that it gets finished before Lyle starts his new job on June 11th.

During some down-time from post-hole digging, Lyle ventured into the crawl space to check out the dryer vent situation.  It’s pretty ugly down there!

This is soooooo not a place for puppies to play, but they jumped up in there, and got all full of cobwebs and dust and lint (gross!!!)  Oh, and word of warning….musty smelling gravel flooring in crawl spaces means “potty place” to dogs.  Thanks for your contributions, Ripley!!!

During all this fun, I did manage to finish painting the living/dining room walls.  I like how they turned out!  Can’t wait to start filling the space with furniture!  Too bad I still forgot to bring my camera to where my computer is so I can upload pics of that!  Next time!



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2 responses to “Fences, crawl spaces, dogs and, paint.

  1. Wee

    Whoa! The crawlspace! o__O Are those cobwebs or insulation?

    • Cobwebs and lint (I think) from the dryer vent. I doubt the previous owners cared if/when the vent tubing disconnected from their dryer and so never got to the outside of the house. lol

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