Rooms are coming together….

I’m still waiting on the sectional sofa to arrive but my living room is almost complete.  In this corner, I plan to put my curio cabinet (still at the old house).

These are the bookcases I bought – still need to make proper “feet” for the horizontal case so heat and air can still come out of the register under there.  I’ve filled most of the cases with my books, and, since I have some room, I will likely re-arrange things so some of the cubbies don’t look so crowded.   I got the horse print several years ago at a Michael’s, then just recently took it to the Michael’s near the old house to have framed.  It turned out really nice.  Lyle wants to put a big-screen TV in that space, but I told him “NO!”  This is to be my reading room…no TV’s allowed!

He’s got the family room to mess with and arrange to his liking.  I know he’ll likely move the TV stand at some point.  We just went and got a nice area rug for this room yesterday.  Looks really good with the stone and red walls.  We got it at Lowe’s.


And, finally, my craft room is coming together.  I still want to do a few things, like make a curtain for under the work-station at the back of the room…need to hide all the drawers and boxes.  I also still need to create a ribbon holder – found a blog via Pinterest that gave the work plans for one, but I just haven’t had time yet to do that.

In this first picture, towards the left, I bought a couple of inexpensive book shelves as the final catch-all point.  I was hoping to put in some real cabinetry, both upper and lower cabinets, but that was going to be too much work (for now), and take up more space than I actually ended up having.  The black storage containers hold all chipboard alpha letters, and some small rhinestones in the lower right drawers.

The back wall has three shelving units from Ikea, and you can choose the depth and placement of the sliding drawers.  I had visions for them to turn out a little different than they did, but, ultimately, I made them work (I hate returning things and these shelves were heavy!).  Most of the drawers have all my sticker embelishements, flowers, and chipboard pieces.  There is space for adhesives and cutting tools as well.  Then I just filled in the “stairs” with bins containing all sorts of other scrapping supplies.


Of course, my old computer table made it to this room.  I didn’t repaint it, though it would look nice if all my furniture in here was white. 🙂  I will try to keep the right-hand side clear for scrapping, but I wanted the higher work surface at the back wall so I could stand up comfortably when I didn’t want to sit any longer to work on a layout.  Sometimes you just can’t see your page from the best angle when you’re stuck in a chair, and the desk height ends up giving me a terrible back-ache if I try standing and working over it for a long period of time.


This tall white cabinet used to be my “pantry” at my old house (it was a small house with very little storage space).  I gave it a fresh coat of paint and moved it into the craft room.  It hold all my paper stacks.


And I have a LOT of paper!  My friend Tammy teases me because my paper bins are organized by color.  Some drawers hold papers that are too multi-colored to put in with other specific colored paper, and special textures also get their own space, as does glitter paper.  Of course, I had to tuck in other bins in the available space, so there are also stamps, extra markers/colored pencils/crayons, mat papers, and even the large cricut cutting mats and large circle cutting forms stored in here.

I have to work the holiday and the coming weekend, so I won’t be able to get the rest of my furniture moved over from the old house yet.  I also need two large area rugs for the living and dining areas.  I’ve misplaced my favorite chocolate-brown leather drapes that I want to put in the living/dining rooms, along with some really cool sheers I found at Old Time Pottery, but that will have to wait.  I know I didn’t get rid of them, but I haven’t got the foggiest idea what box the drape panels ended up in!

Well, that’s it for now.  Until next time….


Have a fun and safe Independence day!



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