Name that Tune – Please?!

This was recorded with my camcorder, so disregard the actual video portion.  I had this old Fisher-Price Aquarium that we used to use in the NICU that I worked at for many years.  I fell in love with the melody contained in the device, different from the typical lullaby, so tried calling Fisher-Price’s customer service to find out the name of the tune. Sadly, the woman claimed that there was no way for her to find that out information as their data base had too many melodies in it and it wasn’t cross-matched with what toy they added a tune to.

The melody is not anything that would be heard on the radio; I imagine it’s a classical piece of some kind.  I find it hauntingly beautiful and could listen to my little toy all day, but it is dying, slowly.  Even with brand new batteries, I can tell the tune is starting to distort a bit (seems a bit slower than it might have been years ago).

I had my son (years ago) take it to his music instructor, but she didn’t recognize the tune.  I don’t have a smart phone so no app to use to try and identify the melody.

With all that in mind, I’m asking anyone who happens to view this blog to give the tune a listen (I recorded about 2 minutes worth, but you might not have to listen that long if you don’t want to), and tell me if you can name that tune.  Sorry, no prize, but my heart-felt thanks!  Please share it with others, too, if you know anyone else who is musically-inclined and good at random melodies.



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