Dogs, Horses, Cows, and Christmas!

Well, I’m certainly not a good blogger, as I hardly ever come back to use this media for much.  But, I thought I ‘d give it another try.

We’ve settled in to the new house nicely, though it will be some time in the new year before we get around to the major remodels that need done (kitchen and bathrooms).  We STILL haven’t finished getting the last of our stuff out of the Springboro house, therefore we haven’t lifted a finger to get it ready to sell.  There always seems to be something else that just HAS to be done when we both have the weekend off, and that place keeps sitting on the back-burner.  Thank God it’s paid off and all we have to do is pay the property taxes and electric bills!

Here at the new house, Ripley and Carley simply love going for walks down to the pond.  They’ve gotten up close and personal with Snickers (our neighbor’s horse), and recently tried to meet the cows on the property behind ours.  Ripley, especially, seems amazed by the size of these creatures.  He hasn’t before met anything bigger than himself, and I think he thinks it’s cool!


When we are too lazy to take the dogs to the pond, they still have a nice big chunk of the yard fenced in, including the “pool” where, Ripley especially, likes to go for a drink.  I should discourage him, but it’s hard when he looks so cute down there.  At least he hasn’t discovered the tadpoles yet.



While the weather was nice, I got the lights up on the outside of the house, along with some window wreaths.  The weekend after Thanksgiving was time for putting up the trees.  This year, I put up a new flashy, girly tree in the living room – lots of glitter and flowery stuff.  The family room gets the tree with all the older ornaments that I still love to see.  I tried to get the dogs to sit in front of one tree for “portraits” but that wasn’t going well.  I’m running out of time, but I hope to get the four of us (Lyle, me and the dogs) in a pic to send out with Christmas cards this year.  Speaking of which, I’m so behind on stuff this year, that I haven’t made more than a handful of cards, so I may opt to send out store-bought cards again, just so I get something out to all my friends that still enjoy sending out physical greetings!


I made this ornament way back in college.

I love this little guy! His patch is supposed to be from the unit my Dad was in way back in the 80’s

My grandma made this ornament.


Well, here’s to a Very Merry Christmas to all, and a bright and shining New Year!


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