Contemplating life in today’s world.

Unless you’ve managed to completely avoid any type of news media, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the largest controversy on the minds of the American People lately – guns… to have or to ban.  If you are associated with me on FaceBook, then you already know that I am quite the advocate FOR gun ownership and responsible use.  Last fall, my oldest son and I both took a class, applied for, and received our concealed hangun licenses for the state of Ohio (which covers legally carrying concealed in some 30+ states).  I am awaiting the receipt of my non-resident Florida CCW permit, which, when combined with my Ohio license will cover me in nearly 40 states.

My FaceBook page recently has “blown up” with all manner of 2nd Amendment supporting articles, many of which I share again in order for those articles to reach even more people whom I know to be of like mind on the matter.  I apologize to various acquaintances who either disagree entirely, or simply wish I’d “shut up” about it already.  When I believe strongly in something, I tend to want to put it up for discussion.

Recently, my younger son called me to complain about all my postings, accusing me of being “excessive” and disliking that I would share a Peanuts cartoon in which Snoopy is holding an “assault” rifle.  My son thought that was the epitome of poor taste.  If you pay attention to the whole cartoon strip, though, you see Charlie Brown talking to someone about having licenses or permits for a variety of things, but noting that, “No, Snoopy, you don’t need a licence for that”, meaning the gun.  I found it a light-hearted example of a simple truth.

My son, however, seems to think that the government’s push to ban assault weapons and high-capasity magazines is the right way to go.  He claimed that even my father (God rest his soul) would feel I was being excessive in my posting in favor of gun rights.  Well, the boy is entitled to his opinions, but he certainly didn’t know his grandfather very well!  In fact, as soon as the previous ban on assault weapons expired, Dad went out and purchased two AK-47s, just to be able to have them, as was his right.  I’m not sure that he ever bought any ammunition for them (I’d have to verify that with my brother), but he wanted to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights to the fullest.

It’s difficult, though, knowing that a child of yours may actually disapprove of something you feel strongly about.  We all try to instill our values in our children, but must acknowledge that they are individuals with their own beliefs.  My son doesn’t disapprove of owning hand-guns, in fact, I think he would like to have one himself.  His friend, however, has more influence over his thoughts and beliefs these days than I expect to ever have again, so he is parrotting more and more liberal ideas.  I am left wondering, am I being excessive?  Should I tone down my “voice” and be less involved in what I believe in to satisfy my son’s wishes?

No, in all good consciousness, I cannot simply stop my support of my 2nd Amendment rights, for, when I do, I give just a bit more power to the very entity that wishes to have ALL the power.

What I fear is that the unthinkable might actually come to fruition in my lifetime – a new revolution.  You never really believe that all that stuff we read in our history books might some day unfold before your own eyes.

But what if it is happening now?

Will you be willing to finally stand up for your rights and go against those trying to take it away from you?  Will you arm yourself to protect your loved ones?  Will you have time to make that choice if you have not done so yet?

Sorry, Son.  You may feel I’m “excessive”, but I swore an oath when I joined the military to protect and uphold the Constitution.  I plan to do that if I must.

And I’ll willingly take a bullet for you, for your safety, for your freedom.

That’s how much I love you.


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