Story Time

I decided that I would write this under my “Story Time” category because I think it’s good for the boys to not only have a history of family and things we did or wished to do in our lives, but to also understand my personal thoughts on various current events. Who knows how history will be written, and these “stories” are for my kids to pass on to their kids (or nieces and nephews) as a way to show that maybe there are other sides to the views that are put out there for the general public’s consumption.

My Facebook page friends list has all sorts of folks contained within it. Some people are so obviously not worried about politics, all they post about is pets, kids, and recipes. I find them refreshing and love that I can escape the more serious posts by reading about their lives. I especially like some of my Irish Wolfhound friends…and I do mean the dogs! Finn has his own page and regales us with fun stories about his adventures all the time. I love him! I have other friends that post nothing but uplifting quotes/thoughts/photos. Some of them touch me more personally than others and I have been known to share them when they touch me deeply. I have a growing number of Patriot friends that are all, what I would refer to as “Constitutionalists.” Whether they are true Republicans or whether they claim no ties to any particular political party, they all agree on one thing – we MUST save our Constitutional rights from being eroded by near-constant deluge of the shit-storm that our government has been heaping upon them for decades. It astounds me that there are people out there that want to label everything coming from the political “right” as conspiracy and craziness. Yes, there is a LOT of such ideations out there. I am bombarded daily with stories that seem incredible and unlikely. Often I get sucked in and believe, because I would not put it past our current administration to actually perpetuate a state of chaos in our country in order to convince us to give up more of our rights in favor of perceived safety. I say “perceived” because, once you give up your rights to the freedoms this nation was founded on, you will never truly be safe again.

I also have friends of the left-leaning variety. Most of them stay out of political discussions, and for that I am grateful. I don’t want to have arguments with friends. I am all in favor of a good healthy debate, but a wise man once said that, if you want to keep your friends, you never discuss religion or politics. Of course, sometimes, something happens that gets even the most mild-mannered liberal’s panties in a twist, and they have to offer their opinions. When they post something on their own page, and I am just reading along, I pretty much move on without comment. If they respond to something that I have posted on my page, especially if they are disparaging to me, I will reply, possibly remove their post if it is offensive, and have, at least on one occasion, blocked a person from my page forever more.

Not long ago, one gal apparently became a bit overwhelmed with the bombing at the Boston Marathon. She posted on her own page that she desired everyone to quit posting political stuff, especially about guns, when our thoughts and prayers should be focused on the victims of this terrorist attack. I considered a thoughtful (in my mind) response, but decided not to post anything to her page. It is not my place to exercise my First Amendment right of free speech on someone else’s page where my comments might be considered offensive. I’m nice like that. Still, her plea disturbed me. Yes, my heartfelt condolences go out to the victims and their families. No matter the reason or who is behind it all, people suffered and it could happen to any of us. What happened in the aftermath, though, is what situations such as this blind most people to. How many of the people living within the perimeter law enforcement set up as their search area simply allowed police and military personnel to search their homes without probable cause or a warrant, just to find a 19 year old boy? Yes, he was still a danger, but, really? Was such an infringement on our Fourth Amendment rights necessary? Obviously not, when the suspect was found a block or two OUTSIDE that perimeter, and by a homeowner who dared to step outside instead of staying indoors like the rest of the sheep. There are stories of people who did NOT want to let police search their homes being pulled out at gunpoint and their homes searched AGAINST THEIR WILL. Some even had their personal weapons confiscated. Why? And why would we as a constitutional republic society allow it? I’m sorry again for the victims of this tragedy, but I’m not going to censor myself by keeping silent on issues we MUST keep in the forefront just because some liberal-minded folks think it’s insensitive.

In another instance – and Sean knows this story already – I posted something, likely about gun rights, got a reply from a like-minded friend, and then the second reply was from Sean’s roommate who simply typed “Fuck you!” Not knowing by that simple statement whether he was saying that to ME (it was MY post, after all, that he was commenting in) or whether it was in mere disagreement to the content of the article, I never-the-less, deleted his post and blocked him from my page. He has not been granted friend status again as of this writing. Sean called me up to find out “what just happened.” Long story short, it turned out that Sean’s roommate disapproved of the other poster’s avatar which was of the American flag flying upside down. He did not understand the reason behind such a display of our flag, thought it was offensive and meant his comment to be directed at that person. Of course, I took the time to educate my son about the purpose of flying our flag upside down (a symbol of distress), then had to have further conversation about my pro-gun stance.

Finally, there is a friend, who, so long as we never talk politics, we are fine. He is a sweetheart of a man and a fellow retired reservist. Sadly, he has no problem voicing his opinions on some of my posts, doing so with much disdain. He recently told me that I (or maybe just referring to conservatives in general) am intolerant – that I “have the corner market on intolerance.” I was hurt by that, because anyone who knows me knows that I am tolerant to a fault at times. Yes, I know there are many intolerant conservatives/Republicans out there. I am embarrassed at how intolerant some of them are. But they are not ME. And they certainly are not representative of the majority of the conservatives that I know. This liberal friend basically said that, because of the “BS” me and these “haters” put out, it’s no wonder no one would save us. Wow! Not sure what I need saved from other than the government, but it sounded like, if I was on fire, my liberal friend might have a hard time spitting on me to put it out.

Now here’s what I don’t understand about the liberal-minded folks out there. Why is it that, everything they don’t like must be gotten rid of completely instead of just having them ignore it? Why do they want to embrace certain points of view but deny others the right to their own point of view if it is different? Why must our nation be beaten down with “political correctness” in everything so as not to offend the liberals, but they make no bones about offending conservatives on every turn?

Liberals will deny the truth of these questions. They believe they are the most tolerant group out there because they embrace other cultures, other ideas, other actions so openly, so committedly. They want everyone to embrace our muslim “brothers” instead of targeting them as potential terrorists. They want to believe in the “peaceful” side of the religion while completely ignoring the strict, lethal intolerant side of it. At the same time, it’s quite acceptable to bash every Christian on the planet, and claim “offense” to any Christian reference in public view that might assault their tender eyes. So, their “tolerance” is clearly one-sided, thus is INtolerant. But liberals do not see it that way.

Liberals believe that guns are dangerous and should be banned outright. They refuse to see the proof before them that strict gun laws do NOT make communities safer. How can they deny the terribly high gun violence statistics in Chicago where guns are completely banned? How can they deny that, in cities where more citizens own guns than not, the gun-violence crime rates are so much lower than Chicago’s? If the liberals were truly tolerant, they would simply abide by the 2nd Amendment giving us the right to bear arms IF WE WANT TO. If you don’t like guns, don’t own one. It really is that simple.

Liberals want to embrace illegal immigrants and give them equal rights as every other American citizen with little effort. These same liberals turn a blind eye to the very same benefits being denied to our military members and their families. What makes it okay to strip the benefits away from the very people who are willing to die for all our freedoms and give them to people who disrespect our nation enough to come here illegally in the first place? My kids should know this but I’ll put the details out here again for posterity’s sake. My mother and my paternal grandfather immigrated here from Germany. My grandfather learned to speak English, got a job, worked hard in his community, and became a citizen in the expected lawful manner. My mother met my father (an American soldier) in Germany, married him and moved to the States shortly after. She immersed herself in “becoming American”, learning the language, not bothering to ensure her kids were bi-lingual; it wasn’t important for me and my brother to speak German but it was imperative that she speak English. I asked her to speak only German to my kids whenever she baby-sat them so THEY could be bi-lingual…she refused, didn’t see the point. I remember her complaining about some other German neighbors, saying “those Germans….!” I remember saying, “but, Mom, you’re German.” She got angry and said “No I’m not! I’m an American!” Why was it so important for previous generations to come here and become part of this great nation, not just in name but in spirit, and now it’s only important to become American in name only? Why was it preferred by older generations to thought of as true citizens when today so many immigrants only take advantage of what they can be given and shun the rest. In my line of work, I come across Spanish-speaking people who pretend that they speak no English, making my job harder when my job is to help them and their children. What is so difficult about being honest about your ability to understand and speak English? What is so bad about becoming fluent in English when you chose to come live in an English-speaking country? My mother did not stop speaking German altogether. When she and some of her German friends get together, they slip into that language on occasion. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with your heritage. I wish I knew more about my ancestors in Germany, what they did, what they like. But I was raised in an American household. If I chose to leave the country to live in another, I would be expected to learn their language and their ways and, too bad for me if I didn’t understand something…it’s MY fault for not learning, not their fault for not accommodating my needs.

I always wanted my boys to have open minds and think for themselves. I don’t think I ever tried to indoctrinate them into just one mode of thinking. I’m not a liberal. I don’t pick and choose what my kids should believe and condemn them if it doesn’t match up with my own beliefs. But, if you ask a liberal, I am intolerant and not worth saving.

Who really are the intolerant ones?



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  1. Well I’m not a republican or never thought I was conservative…but my views & opinions on the topics you discussed pretty much mirror yours…lol

    • And I also love BIG dogs…all animals

    • lol I sometimes wondered if folks who come here looking for a link to a scrapbook page ever read any of my other stuff! I try to be open-minded about a lot of issues, but it’s hard sometimes, because the very people who insist we all be tolerant are the ones most intolerant of views that differ from their own. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

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