Story Time – Never Mind

I find myself feeling a bit frustrated with what’s happening in our world these days. Muslims are openly attacking and killing non-muslims in the streets, not just in the UK, but here in the United States as well. Muslims have recently been offered the ability to “earn the right to pray” IN SCHOOL, in Washington DC (no big surprise there!). Our President and his administration is effectively stone-walling all efforts to bring their treachery to light, from dragging out the hearings on the Benghazi and Fast-and-Furious cover-ups, to their lackadaisical treatment of the IRS and AP scandals.

Never mind that the atheists in our country have successfully condemned anything Christian to be shared openly anywhere, yet they claim no offence to any actions by those of muslim faith.

Never mind that the very faction of people in our country who scream the loudest for tolerance (liberals) are the most INTOLERANT group of anyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

Never mind the “behind the scenes” efforts to edge the U.S. ever-closer to a “one world order” through sneaking Common Core curricula into our schools, brainwashing our children into their revisionist history.

Never mind the way that Planned Parenthood has complete freedom to treat your minor children for sexually-transmitted diseases and pregnancies without your consent, your knowledge even.

Never mind that your children can no longer use their own imaginations to play pretend games of hero-versus-villain if that game involves even the pointing of a finger as a “gun”.

Never mind that a pesticide company (Monsanto) has been given immunity from prosecution if you find out you and your children have eaten and been harmed by their genetically modified food.

Never mind that farmers who are harvesting seeds from their own crops to plant later, by-passing the use of any seeds manufactured by Monsanto are being sued by that company – and losing to them, so that more and more of our foods are subjected to chemical processes that other countries have banned.

Never mind that people are being told it is “illegal” to drink the milk of their very own livestock (because Monsanto doesn’t reap any benefits and these folks won’t become ill from the chemicals that are being added to almost all foods now).

Never mind that, state by state, more and more gun control is being forced upon law-abiding citizens while funds are cut to the police forces that most folks rely on for their “protection.”

Never mind that, recently in Oregon, a woman was being threatened by a known abuser and that when she called 9-1-1 for help, she was told by the dispatcher “can you tell him to go away” and “I can call the sheriff’s office TOMORROW….I don’t have anyone to send out to you now.”

Never mind that this poor woman was raped when her attacker broke into her home because there was no help and “most” of the “public” feels that there is something wrong with owning guns.

Never mind that we will soon very likely be under more United Nations control and power than under the freedoms promised us in our own Constitution.

Never mind that the very body that should be covering all these events – the American Media – turns a blind eye to anything and everything that might remotely be against the President and his cronies.

Never mind that several prominent media executives, journalists, and others are intimately related to prominent people in the administration – spouses, siblings…

I am very frustrated because the things I listed above are only a FEW of the treacheries being delivered upon us every day and NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE!! Alternative media outlets can tell these stories ad infinitum, and people like me can share them through our social media sites, but if most people will not willingly read them, how will we convince our public that we are on the verge of some very inhospitable times? How do we garner enough support of the citizens to stand up for their rights as Americans and put a stop to what our government has become?

Most people, from the dawn of time, have ever only cared about themselves and their families. There really isn’t anything wrong with that – human beings are the most selfish animal on the planet. I whole-heartedly admit my own extreme selfishness.

What I don’t understand is how such a selfish creature as man would be so willing to offer up his soft underbelly to the predator that is our government, to allow it to completely strip him of his ability to maintain his selfish lifestyle. Anything that the government gives you freely it CAN and WILL take away at some point. Our economy, our society cannot take much more before the eventual catastrophic collapse. Why won’t man wake up and fight for the very things he craves… his life, his liberty, his freedom to pursue all that could make him happy? It makes no sense.

I fear that we have teetered on the brink of a very slippery slope for too long and we have begun the inevitable slide away from any semblance of freedom. It frustrates me that too few of us are scrambling to keep our footing on the right side of this brink.

Of course, most folks won’t read this, and if they do, they won’t care or, worse, disagree because they refuse to educate themselves, and continue to live in denial.

Oh well.

Never mind.


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