Story Time

The recent political environment is such that I am so thoroughly disgusted that I want to puke. Scandal after scandal rocks the White House and yet nothing of consequence to the offenders is done. Instead, we let the media dictate to us what we should care about, from Paula Deen admitting she said the N-word 20-odd years ago, to the self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin. The media conveniently turns a blind eye to the murder of 4 American citizens, one of whom was an ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, and how our own government could have, at the least, sent help, could now be honestly investigating it, but likely was behind it, so We the People will never learn the truth.

The IRS has targeted conservative people, companies, and organizations, delaying their applications for tax-exempt status, or auditing them, while giving preferential treatment to liberals.

The NSA has been found out to be collecting data on over a million people through their cell phone and internet service carriers without warrants and without probable cause.

The government seized phone records from members of the AP, as well as electronic accounts from journalists with Fox and CBS, again without warrants. They claim it was to uncover a leak about some thwarted terrorist plots. If the plot was thwarted, then what’s the problem? No attack is a good attack, right?

Our president has been declared a war criminal by other countries for his use of drones that have killed hundreds of innocents. He has collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood and sent aid to Syrian rebels known to be associated with Al-Quaida. He has seeded muslims in various positions throughout his administration. He chooses people for key positions who have absolutely no experience to hold such positions, or have agendas completely at odds with what We the People want for our nation.

This administration is pushing CORE curriculum in our schools, teaching our children new versions of history that paint America as thugs, aggressors, a country that needs to apologize for perceived wrongs to other nations. It is pushing Agenda 21 that would take our lands from us, that would push as many citizens as possible into already over-crowded cities as a means of moving tax dollars back into key urban communities, and turn our rural lands over to other countries, under the guise of “sustainable development”. It is turning over our agriculture to Monsanto, who will poison us with genetically-modified organisms and pesticides, slowly pushing our small farmers out of business. It wants our doctors to “spy” on us and turn over private information to the government so that they can tell which of us might be possible threats.

Of course, there is always the fight over 2nd Amendment rights. The shooting at Newtown and the Bombing at the Boston Marathon have so many people frightened of “what might happen” if law-abiding citizens continue to be allowed to own guns, that there is intense demand upon our government to put forth new gun control laws in the hopes that gun violence will cease to exist. The measures put forth thus far have not passed, but the fight is not over. This three-ring circus revolving around a 17 year old black boy is further fueling the fires of gun control.

What is the biggest tragedy is that people who I’ve admired and respected have demonstrated that they are not as intelligent as I have given them credit for. Most people, it seems, only read headlines from a handful of long-recognized news sources such as CNN, NBC, CBS, and the like. They see photos of a young man that are not a true representation of who he was at the time he was killed. They don’t read about his drug use, his thievery, or his thuggish behavior. They don’t understand the laws as they stand that resulted in the vindication of George Zimmerman, who even the police at the scene understood was not guilty of any crime.

People who are otherwise bright and talented refuse to see how our administration would rather divide us over one four-letter word – RACE – than try to pull this country back together, away from the brink of destruction that it is hurtling towards and an ever-increasing speed.

I am tired of hearing about these truly unimportant events when so many other vital issues are going on all around us yet being ignored by the media, by too many American citizens. Doesn’t anybody care that our president and many in his administration are nothing more than basic criminals? Do those with children still in school understand the dramatic change that is slowly taking place? Are so many people ready to give up their basic freedoms in favor of what they perceive as “safety” and “tolerance”?

How can a party of people who preach tolerance – tolerance of islam, tolerance of homosexuality, tolerance of illegal immigrants, among other things – be so INtolerant of Christianity, of regular old traditional marriage, of legal citizenship? Never before has our nation been so divided, at least not since the Civil War. Electing a half-black man into the highest position possible in this country has done absolutely NOTHING for race relations. It has, in fact, made things worse. But then, electing a man with absolutely NO qualifications for such a position wasn’t the smartest move made by the American people in a long time, either.

Am I ignoring the few good things that have come out of this administration so far? No. I believe that either the same good, or other equally good things would have come from an administration that doesn’t have Obama at its helm. All presidents have done something good during their tenure. And ALL presidents have done horrible things, too. This rant is not about left or right, democrat or republican. It can’t be anymore. It’s about all of us remembering that, regardless of our political stance, regardless of our religious beliefs (or lack there-of), regardless of the color of our skin or the culture we herald from, we are, first and foremost, AMERICANS. But too many of us have forgotten this. Too many of us would rather live in our own little bubble, under our own little domes, where we don’t have to worry about what’s happening outside so long as it stays there – outside.

But we don’t live in bubbles. Eventually, everything that goes on in our nation, in our world WILL come to affect us directly. Today’s tolerance of islam is tomorrow’s awakening to find you under sharia law. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. Look it up on websites that originate OUTSIDE the U.S. so you can’t blame media bias for what you learn. Ignoring what the schools are teaching your children today means having children who only know how to follow certain rules but who cannot think for themselves tomorrow. Accepting GMO food products today means potentially dealing with cancer or other illnesses tomorrow. Giving up your constitutional rights today – whether it’s guns, free speech, or the freedom not to have your privacy invaded without warrants or probable cause – means no longer being free…ever again.

I know that many of my friends will disagree with a lot of this. I know that it’s a bit disjointed and certainly not detailed or linked to supporting documents. (Even if I did that, many people would dismiss those supporting documents because they don’t like the source. If that’s a problem for you, find your own sources). I am okay with folks deciding to ignore me if they’ve bothered to read this post at all. Choose to “un-friend” me. Talk about me behind my back. Chew me out to my face, or via the internet. Whatever you want.


Wake up!

Wake up and take a good, long, hard look at what is REALLY happening in our country! Educate yourself and don’t just take the headlines you see as word of law. Start looking for your own independent sources… best to look to other countries – you’ll be surprised to read what they know and think about the U.S.

When you start to understand that our government is killing America, then choose to do something! Call your state representatives, sign petitions, refuse to be part of the herd any longer. Stand up and embrace your constitutional rights and fight for your freedom.

Or you can go back to watching Big Brother and ignore the world around you. When your children ask you one day what “freedom” means, I hope you’re prepared how you will answer them.


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