Story Time

A few weeks ago, my family was hit with the first of a series of accidents when Scott was slammed into a tree while riding on a 4-wheeler. From what I could understand, he was a passenger riding behind his friend, JD. JD saw some trees coming up and moved to avoid hitting a good-sized tree on his right. Somehow, that lead to the 4-wheeler hitting a smaller tree on the left, turning in a way that had Scott smacking the tree with the left side of his face/head, chest, and leg. He did not reportedly lose consciousness, however he hit his head hard enough to make him “not right” for a bit, serious enough that JD called me because he was concerned about Scott’s behavior. Long-story-short, I left work and met them at the ER where Scott was treated to a chest x-ray, head CT scan, and a tetanus shot. He had no broken ribs and the CT was clean. His biggest concern was how to pay for his share of the expenses, even though he does have insurance. I told him not to worry, that I would help him out where the bills are concerned.

About a week after that, Sean called me at 1:30 in the morning to inform me he had just been hit by a car while riding his bicycle home from work. Thankfully he was not injured enough to warrant a trip to the hospital (Sean is currently without insurance, which is another story for another time). His tailbone hurt pretty good, and his bike was totaled. His father was able to come to the scene and wait with him while the police were called and took down the details of the incident. The woman who hit Sean fled the scene, and, without having a license plate number to give them, it’s unlikely the police will ever find her.

Since unfortunate things tend to occur in threes, Lyle and I rounded out the game by laying the Harley down while turning into the driveway last Friday night. My knee was cut and bruised, and a couple other small bruises showed up on my hip and shin, but thankfully that was the worst of it. Even the bike was relatively unscathed. I leg provide Lyle a cushion, and he provided the bike the same courtesy. Most embarrassing was that our mishap was witnessed by another couple on a Harley behind us. They were kind enough to stop and make sure we were okay before heading on their way.

Back to Scott…he finally informed me during his hospital visit that he and JD are joining the Coast Guard Reserves. He’s taken his ASFAB test and scored 76 (I think). This is actually a good score based on the type of testing that is done (not like needing 100% that most folks are familiar with). He is looking at joining a unit where he will be trained in Port Security. If he gets assigned to that unit, he will drill once a month up in Sandusky, Ohio, and he’ll also have to spend some time in Dubai, periodically. He was awaiting the recruiter’s call to schedule his physical and iron out details of his enlistment.

I talked to Scott and Russell a couple days ago and shared some of my experiences in basic training with them. They seemed amused. I wonder how Russell will hold up, as he told me he always gets shin splits when he runs. He’s begun running and hasn’t gotten to a point yet where he has any relief from this problem. He, of course, did not disclose this when he took his physical, so we will have to wait and see how it goes after he’s gone. He leaves for Basic on September 10th. Randy said he didn’t want a party, so it looks like I may not see him again before he leaves.

Now if only Sean could continue doing well without his meds, and if he would be serious about looking into some branch of service himself. I think it would be good for him, but he’d need to go on active duty. I think that would be better for him than the guard or reserves. He would do well under such a strict environment. I guess I’ll just have to be patient and say a prayer or two.

No other news to report. Here’s to hoping the rest of the year remains quiet and accident/injury/illness free for the whole fam damily!


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