Story Time

Well, since I haven’t been in a very scrappy mood, I thought I’d at least get some more thoughts down for my kids to read and think about in the future.

Today is the anniversary of a tragic day that occurred during my boys’ lifetimes. Twelve years ago… most of us can recall clearly where we were and what we were doing when the Twin Towers fell, when the Pentagon was struck, when Flight 93 crashed into a field.

At that time, I was working as a case manager for worker’s compensation. We were all in our cubicles in the basement offices of Sheakley UniComp. One gal kept a very small portable TV on her desk to watch the morning talk shows or soap operas in between phone calls and chart reviews. It seemed unreal when she called us all over to her desk as the second plane struck. I know I wasn’t processing the sight as real… it was just something I was watching on TV. But it was real.

Needless to say, not much work got done after that. We didn’t need to worry. As the rest of the nation learned what happened, we weren’t getting calls from any doctor’s offices, lawyers, employers or injured workers. We pretty much all took our lunch at the same time that day, going to a near-by Chinese restaurant and bringing the food back to our office. I remember only getting egg-drop soup, as I’m a very picky eater, and never learned to eat any ethnic foods growing up. I was getting what I thought was some indigestion from the soup soon after lunch. By 2 pm, our managers decided to just close up the office and let us all go home for the rest of the day. I initially thought how it would be a great opportunity for me to stop by the store to pick up some things so I wouldn’t have to do it the weekend, but my stomach felt worse and worse, so I just went home. (Not that it really matters to the events of the day, but it was a flare up of my IBS). Funny-sad how we can remember all the silly details of a day such as that.

A year ago, exactly, our nation was dealt another mortal blow when our embassy in Libya was attacked and four Americans were killed. Certainly not the huge loss of life suffered at the WTC – some 3000 souls lost – but a tragedy made all the worse because of our own President’s failure to address the situation for what it was – another terrorist attack. A year later, and he still will not discuss Benghazi seriously in terms of providing America with the truth and hunting down those responsible for it.

Today, there will be (reportedly) a “Million Muslim March” on Washington DC because Muslim Americans do not feel their religion is getting enough sympathy or cooperation from our nation. Never mind that “we” supposedly want a complete separation of church and state, and Islam is the polar opposite of that belief. They want laws that will protect various acts that they will claim are allowed by their religion, but that, at least in what I would call “normal people’s minds” are rightly and justly illegal, not to mention immoral. Who can ignore the headlines all over the internet yesterday (and, yes it was posted right on Yahoo’s news feed, not just some “right-wing” journal) about the 8-year-old girl that died from injuries incurred when her new “husband” took her to their “wedding bed”?? He had sex with her so forcibly that she suffered massive and fatal internal injuries. But, “we” are supposed to “accept” this activity because it is allowed by Islam? Sorry. Nope. Won’t ever accept it.

Even before this was news, the “Million Muslim March” was renamed to “Million American March Against Fear” and billed as something more inclusive for ALL Americans, not just Muslims. Sure, right. I believe you. No, really, I do.

Okay, no, I don’t.

Thankfully, America abounds with patriots who adore the foundation upon which this country was built and are not about to allow that group to have their day in DC…not THIS day. There are “2 Million Bikers” riding into DC to counter-balance the Muslims there today. It will be amazing to see how it all turns out. I pray it remains peaceful for OUR sake. And if violence erupts, know that it won’t be patriots who initiate it. But know, too, that patriots will not sit idly by and become victims. Right now, our biker buddies are enjoying real support from the majority of law enforcement, which I must admit, I am surprised but thankful to hear. So often lately, stories abound on line about narcissistic LEOs who believe their uniform and badge trump lawful citizens’ rights. I pray that the support the LEOs of Maryland, Virginia and DC are right now providing continues throughout this days events.

I won’t get on a soap box about our other main-focus current event (the civil war in Syria and our President’s desire to involve our troops in it), because I might spend another hour or so lamenting on the lunacy of our administration’s support of the very factions that are responsible for the WTC attacks 12 years ago. How ANYbody can support Obama on that is inconceivable.

Yesterday marked the day that my nephew, Russell, left for basic training in the Army Guard. I have no date for it yet, but my oldest son, Scott, is enlisting in the Coast Guard Reserves. Another generation of my family has signed a blank check to our nation that includes laying down their lives for our freedoms. I am proud, but I am scared, too. They will not serve as I was able to, with minimal or no exposure to actual warfare. Scott already knows that the squadron he plans to join will have regular deployments to the Middle East for “training”. The last thing I ever wanted for my children was for them to serve in wartime. But I will not discourage him from service. I will support him and pray for him, and my nephew because I understand what service is all about. I only wish our own government supported our military better instead of always making cuts to the defense budget when they want more money for their damned welfare programs.

But I risk digressing on another tangent.

9/11 is a significant day for all of America, but it is also significant in Islamic history and they will forever commit acts against “infidels” on this date. Be vigilant today. Be aware. Be safe. Educate yourself on what is really happening in our country and don’t just blindly accept what you are being told by our government. There are plenty of independent sources available for information if you really care enough to research things. This day, AMERICANS should be coming together to remember those who have fallen and those who serve to keep us free. Today should NOT be about a group who puts their religion BEFORE their country – Muslim-Americans.

And I promise I won’t get started on ALL hyphenated-Americans and how I despise that any citizen would prefer to put their race, nationality, or religion ahead of country. Of course, God comes first in all things. But this is AMERICA. We should stand united in all things. Do not let our differences forever tear us apart.


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