Story Time

For anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, I consider myself to be politically conservative. While I tend to vote Republican most of the time, I have voted Democrat and try to actually look at who stands for what when I am deciding which person to punch the chad for. It is increasingly difficult to wholeheartedly support ANY candidate from either side of the aisle. Interestingly, I find that more liberal-minded people do not suffer such indecision and blindly follow their party’s line almost religiously. That concept alone is amusing since so many on the “left” decry religious affiliations most vehemently.

While performing my daily scroll through my facebook page the other day, someone I befriended for our shared love of our scrapbooking (we were members of several scrapbooking message boards/blogs prior to moving to facebook) posted an article that was written by a liberal-minded journalist who was making conservatives the butt of his satire (no surprise there). The topic revolved around internet memes (and, Lord help me, I never thought I’d use the word “meme”, even if just in print!) that berate a certain class of welfare recipients who pretty much use the system as their livelihood and legacy, bearing children into the system and not taking advantage of the many other social programs out there to try and get their kids OUT of the system and into leading successful, productive lives. Hell, why should they bother? It’s so easy to collect money and do nothing for it, and the current administration, in my opinion, is making it easier and easier every day.

Anyway, the article called republicans to task for “expecting” the recently jobless to “hide” the material things that they accrued while gainfully employed because expensive clothes, shoes, manicures, and cell phones “offended” them. Being that I get hormonal surges on a monthly basis, this article hit me at a time when I opt to be more publically vocal in my views than at other times. I commented on the post, politely and not in any way directing my comment at any individual, only the article. I simply thought to provide insight into why many “right-wing” people would choose to share the memes (such as having welfare recipients pass drug tests to collect a check since many in the workforce must pass one in order to work), explaining that “we” are referring to a specific sub-set of people collecting government money.

So, what would you expect the left-wing people to say to that? Well, they certainly weren’t going to say, “oh, since you are only angry at the bad apples in the bunch, then that’s okay.” Of course not.

What was said was that those memes were offensive to the “majority” of people receiving assistance for legitimate reasons, and that those who abuse the system were a very “small, small, small (yes, three smalls) minority.” The memes have no way to distinguish one from the other. It was then suggested that I was among the ignorant in the world. One lovely passive-aggressive friend of the original poster chose to use the approach of telling the poster what a wonderful person she was, how proud she was, and how proud her parents would be of her kind, generous nature, blah, blah, blah, basically insulting me as being the complete opposite of this lovely young lady, without actually directing any comment to me specifically. Of course, being the only one from the right who commented, it surely couldn’t be lost on anyone else to whom the woman was subtlely referring.

At that point, I simply chose to “unfriend” the original poster, whom I did not really know offline anyway, knowing that she likely is basking in the glow of the saccharine-sweet complements the other woman bestowed upon her. She quite possibly isn’t aware of the derision aimed at me, though a blind man could have read that clearly. Needless to say, I don’t expect anyone to discuss the issue logically, so it’s no loss to me that I can no longer see what, if any more comments have been made.

That same day, another facebook friend, whom I also do not know in real life, posted a video of a man being detained and handcuffed by police after they had a “concerned citizen” call that the man was walking the streets with a rifle in full view. Those of us who are defenders of the 2nd Amendment saw this as a prime example of police exercising authority that they do not possess over lawful citizens who have done nothing illegal, just because “someone called” and they (the police) believe the average person is ignorant of their rights. The man who created the video referenced the president’s name in the video’s title. The woman who posted the video did not add any comment of her own to the post, but someone else on her friends list asked what the video of the “idiot” had to do with Obama.

Since I was still in a vocal mood, I again politely offered my opinion that the man who made the video was a lawful citizen exercising his right to open carry his weapon and the police were unlawfully detaining him and confiscating his guns. I opined that, since it is this administrations goal to disarm America, that is most probably why the title of the video referenced Obama.

The immediate response of this woman was to state that Obama “doesn’t want your f**king guns.” She proceeded to tell me to take off the tinfoil hat, stop watching Fox News, and to educate myself with better sources. To that, I did respond, thanking her for demonstrating how rude the liberal-minded can be, to insinuate that I, a person she has never before spoken to nor met, was both uneducated and crazy. I have not been alerted that any further comments were made, and did not yet unfriend the original poster. I did note a separate post of hers later that day where she expressed some frustration over other things, including a “political” post, so the exchange upset her, but I don’t know in which direction.

I know that the majority of the media is biased to the left, but it still amazes me that so many people still support Obama and all the “change” he is bringing to America. They forgive him all the indiscretions he’s been accused of, and have no problem swallowing the whole “I didn’t know” bullshit he spews after every scandal is exposed. It is the same for Hillary Clinton. She’s at the least a liar, and at worst a criminal and she, too, is still loved by the masses. Incredibly, people would actually vote for her as our next president if she finally says she will run.

What will it take for the left to wake up?

I am in no way defending the republican party here….they have caused just as much trouble to our nation in recent years and are either unable or unwilling to do what is necessary to stop the further deterioration of our country. I have stated on my facebook page and to people directly, that, in 2014, ALL congressional incumbents MUST be voted out. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Will we lose good men and women from both sides? Yes. Will we get better replacements? Hard to predict.

But the message sent MUST be that, you all have fucked up and We The People will not stand for it any longer. Your terms in office are NOT indefinite and you WILL be removed if you fail to sand by our will.

Sadly, I don’t believe that enough liberals will wake up by 2014’s elections and we will be most likely suffer great losses on the right, giving Obama exactly what he needs for his last two years in office… a completely brainwashed, intimidated, and/or “bought” Congress who will abide anything he wants no matter how much We The People desire to the contrary.

The end of this nation as we know it is nigh upon us and it is going to be a dark and dismal end unless We The People find a way to derail this out-of-control train. I pray the good patriots out there are ready because we need them now as we’ve not needed them in 237 years.


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