Story Time – In Someone Else’s Words

I read a very thoughtful post today on just what is the motivation for the peaceful protests that have been happening on overpasses all over our country. The author of the post was very eloquent in her musings and I just can’t pass up the opportunity to save her words in my “Story Time” category so my sons will read them, too, some day.

posted by Fran Corsiglia with permission from the original author

I recently became active in the Overpass Protests that are springing up all over our country. I have been amazed at the outpouring of support from passersby but also dismayed by the fact that even after everything that’s happened, most people still seem disengaged. Today, at our Overpass Rally, I was rendered nearly speechless, when a car with several women stopped to ask questions.

The car stopped on top of the overpass, blocking traffic and a very elegant black woman opened her door and turned in her seat. I thought she was getting out of the vehicle but she just sat facing us. First she asked what the flag was for. She wasn’t rude. She was merely asking a direct question. I was shocked momentarily but recovered and asked, “Ma’am, you don’t know what the flag is for?” She must have realized that her question fell way short of what she intended. I was ready to have that conversation when she regained her composure and re-phrased her question. She asked, “What are you protesting for?” Not, what are you protesting against; not who or why….but what….are you protesting….for?

It took me a few seconds to register the question and it has haunted me ever since. My reply to her inquiry was, “We’re protesting against the destruction of our country!” By this time the woman was getting back in the car and they were pulling away. But there were so many things left unsaid. We needed to have a conversation over coffee to discuss these topics. And yet, the moment was gone….over almost before it had begun and I can’t help but think it was a missed opportunity….and I’d blown it.

The next thing that crossed my mind was that this should NEVER happen again. IF I was going to put myself out there… make my voice heard….I needed to be fully prepared to explain my motivation at a moments’ notice. I have to be able to think on my feet and have a ready response for these situations.

How in the world can I explain how I believe that our freedoms, rights, constitution, our country and everything we hold near and dear, is being demolished right before our very eyes and very few people are willing to take the time to do anything about it? How can I accomplish this in a 45 second window?

Well, I guess the first thing to do is to ask myself the question; what, exactly, am I protesting for…and to ponder this question until i have an honest answer. I need to have a firm grasp on what I truly believe is wrong here so that the next time an individual asks me something….I can speak with authority and will be able to verbalize it in a calm, intelligent and engaging manner. And so I begin at the beginning….as best I can recall.

A few years ago I was a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey. She was on my ‘Most Admired Women’ list, along with Dolly Parton and a few others. All the women on my list were from humble backgrounds and had achieved much but had never forgotten whence they’d come from and had gone above and beyond to give back to others. Those were the requirements.

The first time I ever heard of Barack Obama, he was a guest on Oprah. He was discussing his new book ‘Dreams From My Father’ and announced on the air that he would be tossing his hat in to run for the office of the President of the United States. After watching the show, listening to Oprah’s affirmation and observing the audiences response, I realized that I was looking at the man who would become our 44th President…..and for some reason, there was a knot in the pit of my stomach.

I recorded the show for my husband to watch and when he got home I told him I wanted him to get a sneak peek at our next president. We both watched as Mr. Obama did a quick reading from his new novel and spoke some of his upbringing, his maternal and paternal grandparents and his political background and aspirations. When the show ended, I remember telling my husband that Obama had the opportunity to unite our county in a way that no one before him could ever do but I was concerned about his exposure to Communist ideals and his Muslim background, because if he was not a Christian then he could also bring our county to its knees …like none other. Sadly, I now believe with all my heart and soul, that the latter was, and is, his life-long aspiration.

Well, you all know that Barack Obama became our President and entered that office during a time of great despair and apparently, great opportunity. Our nation, and the world, was teetering on the brink of financial disaster. And as we have all come to realize, this administration has never let a good crisis go to waste.

He has, from the very beginning, used every opportunity to systematically destroy our great nation. He has driven our national debt so high our great grandchildren will never see the light of day. They will be taxed into oblivion. He has passed several, thousand-page bills that no one had time to read. It was imperative that they were passed right away. We’re just now finding out how intrusive and destructive they really are. He has pulled the plug on the best medical care the world has ever known and we will, God willing, live to regret it.

We now have government controlled schools and on a daily basis, are hearing of unspeakable things they will be teaching and subjecting our children to. He refuses to close the borders and has threatened Governors, Sheriffs and Border Patrol Agents who have made efforts to uphold our constitutional, federal, state and local laws. He has decided to implement amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in our country, knowing full well, that this will do irreparable damage to our already strained economy.

He has put choking regulations on business and industry that is, no doubt, a deliberate attack on our national independence from foreign nations….the very one that mean us harm. He has disrupted governments all over the world in his endeavors to support Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood; the same entities that view themselves as our worst, known enemy. He has aided and abetted our enemies by financially supporting them and supplying them with weaponry overseas and setting up training camps in our country. He’s done all this while attempting to disarm American citizens, which would leave us vulnerable and weak in the face of our enemy, who many believe has crept across our borders and is fully capable of starting Jihad right here on American soil. He has insulted our allies on countless occasions.

He has left our brave military men and women in harms’ way repeatedly and left some to die needlessly at the hands of those same enemies. He has shown blatant disrespect to our military, both enlisted and retired and has put together his own unconstitutional military while deliberately castrating ours.

He has compromised our elections. He has insulted the intelligence of the American people. He has lied to us repeatedly. He has financially supported and actively encouraged dependence on government assistance for everything from food, to health care, to phone and internet service, as well as housing and now he has begun the process of whittling away at the entitlements people have become dependent on and believe are rightfully theirs. And in my opinion, by continuously stirring the melting pot, which is America, by promoting resentment and chaos, he is, in essence, attempting to bring us to the boiling point. He is deliberately attempting to start a civil war or at the very least, civil unrest. He has committed all these atrocities. He has offended all Christian and God-fearing people and yet…. this is not the real answer to the question at hand.

The question is…. what are you protesting for? It’s personal. Yes, all these things are well known problems in our great nation. Any one of them and all of them are reason enough to raise hell and do whatever we can to stop the madness. But is that what I’M PROTESTING FOR? These are the things that frighten me and make me angry at the man in the big, white house on the hill. And this isn’t racial….this has nothing to do with the color of his skin….nothing at all. Yes, I’m angry but I don’t have many years left. So, I’m not protesting for myself. I’m not angry because this will have a lasting effect on me, personally.

I protest because I love this country. I love the freedoms we all enjoy and I want my grandchildren to have every opportunity to succeed in life… be all they can be and to grow to appreciate the rights and freedoms and advantages this great nation offers. I’m proud of the accomplishments we’ve made socially, in regards to race. I’ve always felt blessed to have been born in a country with the best doctors and medical facilities in the world; one that offers clean, running water, electricity, indoor plumbing, decent roads and the freedom to worship as you please. I am proud to be a part of something so much larger than myself….something so fiercely independent….something so beautiful.

I understand why many in the black communities consider this a racial thing….but it’s not. Not for me, anyway and not for 97% of the people I come into contact with. There are a few individuals that have racial tendencies but they are quickly ostracized by the majority, who are deeply concerned about the road we, as a country, have been put on. It’s like someone put a detour on the highway called the American Dream and you know, nowadays, they do such a fine job of this that you don’t even realize you’re not on the same road…..or that you’ve even taken a turn and are blissfully traveling in the wrong direction…at breakneck speed. Most people don’t realize the pathway to freedom has been jeopardized. They aren’t aware that they’ve detoured and are on a completely different path….a highway to hell.

H/T Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment
To the author, though you likely will not see this blog as I don’t advertise it beyond a link to my facebook page, I want to thank you for your thoughts. I feel the same way and couldn’t have expressed these feelings any better.


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