Merry Christmas!

There are only 10 days left till Christmas! This is one of those years where I’m doing absolutely nuthin’. I’ve got no guests coming to my house, so I did not drag out the tree or decorations, did not string lights on the house, haven’t even tried to get Ripley to wear a Santa hat. In a way, it’s peaceful.

Oh, sure, I’ve done some shopping, mostly on-line because I hate crowds, but got a few things at real brick-and-mortar stores because someone asked for something more easily obtained that way. The giving spirit is certainly alive and well even if the decorating spirit is not.

This week, I guess I will try to see about baking the pups some special treats, and make enough for the other dogs in our family’s lives. That’s the extent of my “holiday baking,” a task I never got in the habit of. I guess I could count the couple-dozen Toll House cookies I popped in the oven today (half of which Lyle and I already ate!). Good thing I don’t plan on baking for others…they’d get crumbs!

I didn’t get around to making any home-made Christmas cards this year; a few people got some that were left over from last year, but most folks just got a photo card collage courtesy of WalMart. My crafty mojo seemed to go on extended hiatus this past summer and I struggle to get anything crafty done. As such, my family will likely be disappointed not to get home-made calendars this year. I would have put more effort into those except that I have hardly any photos of extended family to use in them. I could give them all calendars featuring Ripley and Carley, but I doubt they’d enjoy those as much. My niece posts lots of nice photos on facebook but I think she uses that “instagram” thing and, when I order prints using those, I inevitably get shots with people’s heads cut off. Apparently instagram is not set in a typical 4 x 6 template.

My work schedule puts a slight crimp in the holiday gathering plans – I am off Christmas Eve but still have to work Christmas night, so will spend a lot of the day sleeping in. We are planning a “Ludwig” get together at my brother’s house on Christmas Eve, and my nephew will be home from his Army technical training school. Can’t wait to hear him tell about his basic training experience! The “Baker” get-together won’t happen until the Saturday after Christmas, but at least we all have that day free and clear and can just focus on good food and great company!

Once again, Sean won’t be home for the holidays. He’s back in Wisconsin (third time’s a charm, right??). I’ve sent him his gift package already. I’m not sure if he’s opening everything yet or saving it till Christmas, but I didn’t wrap the gifts inside the shipping box, so he’ll see what he’s got whether he opens things up or not. He’s in for a rough winter this year, both because it’s Wisconsin, and because he and Chris lost their jobs. I say a little prayer every day that he stays healthy, happy, and strong, and that they find work soon.

Scott is still preparing to leave for his Coast Guard basic training in January. There’s a potential glitch in him not having his high school diploma on hand, so hopefully a copy of transcripts is sufficient so the recruiter doesn’t have to delay his enlistment. Of course, winter in New Jersey?? I could understand a delay for a bit!

Not sure if I will post more before Christmas or not. If not, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


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