Story Time

I’m having a few confused days here lately. Scott has been at his Coast Guard boot camp since January 14th. Last Wednesday night, I got a call from his dad that he’s coming home by the weekend because the physical demands are too high for him. By Sunday I’d heard nothing, so sent the ex a text requesting an update only to get no response. Scott’s phone is presumably still turned off as a call to it went straight to voice mail and he also did not return my texts. I left a voice mail and an email for his recruiter today, hoping for some information. Then, God bless my Mom! She called the ex-MIL who said they were giving Scott another week to see how he does. Now I have to wait some more!

In the mean time, I continue to review all sorts of news articles that cross my facebook and yahoo pages. Much of it is disheartening, but when it comes to our President and Congress, there’s never much of anything uplifting to read about.

I find that there are some folks who, while completely justified in their disappointment, probably hope to open the eyes, hearts, and minds of a few more liberals by continually bringing up certain aspects of the President’s life of which we should all be appalled. If he truly is not an appropriately-documented citizen, of course it’s criminal that he remains in the Oval Office. If his wife lists the children as “senior staff” in order to justify our tax dollars paying hundreds of thousands for them to vacation in far-off places, we should be outraged. There are countless other sins the President, his wife, and the rest of this administration are guilty of, and we should all regret what our leadership has come to.

But the sad reality is that our concern and disillusionment over these types of offenses has netted us nothing in terms of any corrective action. The very people who could – SHOULD – be doing something about it simply don’t care. If they do care, then they are somehow being cowed into doing nothing, to look away, by their inaction to allow these crimes to continue.

Obama has three more years to propagate more indignities upon our country, and I fear there is really no value in trying to see him over-run. While I would do my utmost to stand behind and support any patriots who would step up to defend our constitution and correct the wrongs done to us over the last five years, I would much rather see an enormous effort being waged to prevent Hillary Clinton from gaining the Presidency next. If she were to run and win, I fear there would never be another conservative, constitutional president in the White House ever again. Our Republic would become a true democracy where the majority will always win. That is NOT how this country is supposed to be run. Anyone who’s sat through high school government and history class knows this, but somehow, too many Americans have forgotten the rules. Too many Americans have become too lazy to work for a living and prefer to allow our ever-expanding government to provide for them. Soon, it will be too late to turn back that tide and the country will be irreversibly broken. Government will win and freedom will be lost.

So, while my son does his damnedest to persevere through the second most difficult boot camp training course our military has to offer, the very country that he’s fighting for is crumbling around him. Even should he fail to complete this training, he’ll still have done more than the majority of his peers in terms of working hard and trying to support not just himself but this country. I am saddened that he has chosen to enter service at a time when our nation barely deserves his commitment, his pain and suffering, but I remain proud that he made the commitment anyway.

I sit and I wait. I wait for news of my son. I wait for news of a revolution. And I pray. God watch over and bless my son and this country. Give us all the strength to persevere.


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