Too busy to think!

I’ve been busy with a lot of projects lately, and all of those stories are posted over on my other blog page  Feel free to check it out.  Because of all those projects, or the time I’ve spent in the research and planning phases of those projects, I’ve not done any more scrapping, and my photography has been limited to documenting the progress of activity around the house.  I can’t even muster up enough thought for a good “Story Time” post!

There’s all the same drama going on in the world that has me concerned and disgusted for the road our government is travelling, but rather than whine about it, I figured getting some of these self-sustaining projects up and running is the best recourse for me and my family at this time.  The people who understand what is really happening in the world already agree with my thoughts and feelings on various subjects from gun control to GMO-laced products, and the people that don’t get it aren’t likely reading my words anyway.  Those types aren’t going to wake up in time to become useful so I no longer feel the need to try and help them along.

On a more personal note, Lyle’s mom recently underwent open heart surgery. She spent a week in the hospital and another week in a care facility that offers therapy or “rehab.”  She’s been home now for almost a week and seems to be doing well.  All the folks who sent a prayer her way, we thank you!

Everything else has been “status quo” as far as I know.  I’m the negligent child in that I haven’t talked to my mom in a while (guess I’ll call her today! I think it’s her nap time, though so I’d better wait a little longer).  Usually, if something’s up, she or my brother will call me. My older son is taking after me and not calling his mother very often.  Guess that falls under the “no news is good news” banner.  My younger son calls more often and seems to be doing well.  He’s planning a garden up there in Wisconsin when the weather is more cooperative.  I plan to visit with him for a few days this summer, maybe around his birthday.

Work is work, for both Lyle and me.  Lyle’s not as thrilled with his job anymore – I think he misses the airplanes more than he thought he would.  Still, he doesn’t give up.  He works hard and doesn’t complain – much.  🙂

So, there you have it.  A moment in the life of me.   And, no, you can’t get these 2 minutes of your life back.

Have a great day!


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