Be Kind or Be Quiet

I am writing this to record my thoughts on how our country has gone mad over the last several years. I intend this as nothing more than my personal opinions on various matters, hoping to look back in ten, twenty years or more and think (hopefully) “We’ve come a long way since then.”

About eight years ago now, I had the distinct displeasure to know that the man I did NOT vote for, for President, won. While everyone who did vote for him will say that my ire has all to do with the man’s race, I assure you it did not. Of course, who will believe that these days?  No, my concern was that he was a “no one” on the world’s stage. I may not know everyone in politics – who does? – but Barrack Hussein Obama is not a name you’d forget if you’d heard of him prior to his candidacy. I was not alone in being concerned that he was unqualified to become President of the United States.

I won’t digress into naming every tiny thing he did that I disapproved of as it has all been said so many times before, heard only by those of my peers who shared my concerns (the left-leaning folks of this country saw nothing but a Golden Child who could do no wrong). Suffice it to say that he did many  things wrong and few things right.

One thing that came out of this tenure was this bizarre exacerbation of “political correctness.” It was already starting before Mr. Obama took office, but it snowballed until there was an avalanche of outrage for using simple descriptive terms that one would have never thought could be offensive. “Micro-aggression” became a “thing” and people everywhere have to censure what comes out of there mouths lest they trigger some unforeseen affront to others, many of whom the disparaging word did not pertain to in the slightest.

The media fostered the outrage by asserting condemnations in every headline whenever anyone disagreed with something Mr. Obama said or did. Even in the media’s eyes, our 44th President could do no wrong.

They had eight years to shift their obligations from reporting all the news fairly, without bias, to reporting only the stories that built Mr. Obama up, and none that would tear him down lest they be castigated as “racist” against him. Few media outlets dared to report about his mistakes, about his failures, about dangerous actions he took that had the potential to – and sometimes did – hurt our country. Those media outlets were demonized by the rest, and oftentimes dismissed by the President himself, not caring to give more than a handful of interviews with those journalists over the course of his tenure.

By the time Mr. Obama’s second term was coming to an end, the media clung to all things liberal and continued showing their bias as they favored the same woman that Mr. Obama bested for the Democratic party candidacy eight years earlier. Never mind that Mrs. Clinton had some shady dealings and scandals in her past, she, too, could do no wrong in the liberal-leaning media’s mind. Her own sense of entitlement and self-importance lead, in part, to her being defeated in 2016. What was astonishing was that the man who won had no political experience prior to his candidacy, though he was, at least, a known figure to many Americans. While I did vote for Mr. Trump, he was not my first choice during the primaries. I don’t know if he’s the type of person I’d get along with if I met him outside on the street. I do appreciate the way he has treated many people over the years, news of which most of the media choose to forget as they try to cast him as the next Hitler, or the anti-Christ. I’m not fond of braggarts or boorish people, so he could bail me out of a crisis and, while I would be forever grateful to him, I probably wouldn’t invite him to dinner with my family. I’d send him a yearly Christmas card, though.

That said, I at least feel like he’s making some changes that need to be made, and he’s been in office less than two weeks as I write this. I completely agree with his temporary ban on immigration and accepting of refugees. I can’t understand the hostility he is facing all over the world when he is doing exactly what at least three Democratic presidents have done before him. Give our immigration agencies time to properly vet all persons wanting entry into the states so we can be more assured that fewer “bad apples” will sneak in with the good. Why is that so hard to swallow?

Many of his other initial orders come with a “wait and see” disclaimer. It’s too early to tell how pulling out of various trade agreements will go, or how quickly – and how well – the government comes up with a suitable replacement for Obamacare. In terms of cutting foreign aid to non-governmental organizations who use our money to fund abortions in other countries, well, we’ve already seen where the Dutch are ponying up money to compensate for that. I have always, personally, sat on the fence when it comes to abortion rights…suffice it to say I believe it should be kept legal, but have my own opinions on various limitations that I won’t bother voicing here. The point is, why should so many millions – perhaps billions – of U.S. taxpayer dollars go to so many foreign countries, not just for abortion, but for anything? There are plenty of wealthy nations out there who give far less for the same causes, who could afford to give so much more, yet for some unfathomable reason, “everyone” expects the U.S. to spend the most.

We have so many people in our own country in need, that much of that money should be being spent here rather than sending it oversees. Yes, it’s tremendously sad that kids in Africa don’t get the immunizations or other health care they need, that children all over the globe are starving. But kids right here in America are starving, too. If we spent our money right, we wouldn’t have homeless people in any city. We’d have proper mental health care for those who cannot cope with everyday life. Our Veterans would have all the health care – including mental health – that they need, and all the support they require to return from their deployments to live engaged and satisfying lives.

I know my younger son has fears about how Trump’s administration is going to deal with LGBT issues. I urge him – and others – to take a deep breath, let it out, and calmly look at exactly what is being done – or not done – from a legal perspective to any laws passed during Obama’s administration. So far, a web page focused on LGBT issues on the White site has been taken down. So, what does that actually mean? Could mean nothing. Could mean Trump feels LGBT issues should be managed at a state level and that the federal government should stay out of them.

Spanish translation of the White House web site has also been removed. There hasn’t been any law enacting the removal of Spanish language from any U.S. based web site, so no one has had any “rights” taken away from them. Perhaps Trump feels that American citizens, no matter where they are from, should learn to read, write, and speak English? I know, that’s terrible!! How dare he??  Really, folks. My mom was an immigrant and she was very intent on learning English and becoming American. She is proud to be American and get’s offended if you call her by her nationality of origin. How is it wrong to ask those who want to be U.S. citizens to hold similar sentiment?

So what can we do?

Well, for a start, how about letting Mr. Trump at least try to make some changes without getting your collective panties in a knot? Yes, he’s had some business failures in his lifetime, but he’s had far more successes. He may not get everything he puts his mind – and pen – to right, but he may get more things right than you give him credit for. Have some of his business dealings been shady. Sure. But how many shady deals has our government dealt in the past? Fast and Furious. Iran. Halliburton/Blackwater. Whitewater. Lewinsky. The list could go on forever.

The media needs to do some serious soul-searching and decide to go back to truly unbiased reporting. Yes, Mr. Trump will continue to give you all the titillating headlines that you love to bash him with, so how about you also honestly report on the positive things he’s doing? Or at least stop exaggerating things with the sole purpose of making him look dastardly. Really – there is no “Muslim” ban. Report the Executive Order correctly as you know there is no language in it that has anything to do with banning people of a specific religion, especially when three past Democratic presidents have all executed the same type of ban at some point in their administrations.

And people….get a grip! Quit looking for the bad in your President. Yes, he is your President so long as you hold citizenship here. You tell everyone to be kind or be quiet. You say “love trumps hate”. You want us all to see the good in others – those others being refugees, immigrants, LGBT people, people of color,  and women – but you refuse to see the good in Mr. Trump. You refuse to see the good in “old white men” or women who are anti-abortion. You refuse to see the good in black republicans – any republican or conservative person, really.

You totally fail to see how your hate, your intolerance, your divisiveness is tearing the country apart. Trump isn’t doing it. “It” was already happening before he came along, he’s just the latest “scapegoat” for you to target. It’s time to start practicing what you preach.

Be kind or be quiet.


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