Make a CD holder/envelope

I’m not sure where I first got the instructions for this project, but I’m piecing it together for you here.  I only printed out directions, and since my scanner isn’t working, I took pictures of the diagrams and hope to recreate the instructions here.

My finished CD envelope

Here’s what you’ll need:


8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock (cut down from 12×12 if necessary)

Scoring tool

scraps to decorate front and inside


Score a line at 5 inches down the length of the 11-ince side as shown on the diagram below

Rotate your page and score a fold line down from the top at 5 inches.  Score a fold line a the OPPOSITE end at 1 inch from the end

Cut out the areas shown

Measure from the center fold up on the 1-ince strip, 3.5 inches.  Make a mark across the 1-ince strip and cut off the corner piece as shown in the diagram below.

Fold the small 1-inch flap and apply adhesive to the TOP of the piece.  Fold up the bottom flap and stick it to the 1-ince strip.

And that’s it.  Hope it made sense and that you enjoy trying this project.


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