Making a mini photo brag book

This is another project that I can’t recall where I got the original instructions from, printed off the directions, and can’t scan in the original pics into the computer.  I started working on a second album so I could recreate the instructions and provide photos of each major step in the process here.

Supplies you’ll need:

4 pieces of solid cardstock (5.5 x 10 inches)

1 piece of solid cardstock (5 x 5 inches)

2 pieces of chipboard for album covers (5 x 5.5 inches)

2 pieces of patterned paper (6 x 6.5 inches)

2 pieces of coordinating paper for inside covers (4.5 x 5 inches)

Scoring tool

Circle cutter or 1-inch  circle punch

Scraps of paper that will be used to decorate your album


Inking (optional)

Part A: Making of the inside pockets

Take out your 5.5 x 10 inch pieces of card stock  and scoring tool.

On the 10-inch side, measure and score at 5 inches.

On the 5.5-inch sides score 1/4 inches (both long sides).

Cut only one half of the 1/4-inch edge to the 5-inch score line:

Fold at the score lines.

Add adhesive to the outer edge of the 1/4-inch strip then fold at the 5-inch score line;

secure to make a pocket.  Do this with all 4 pieces.

If desired, you can use your circle punch to create a half-circle on each pocket.


Part B:  Making your covers for the album

Take the 2 pieces of chipboard and cover them with the 6 x 6.5-inche paper.

Cut the corners of the paper to help fold them in and adhere better.

Adhere all around and firm it with a bone folder.

Use the 4.5 x 5-ince piece of coordinating paper to cover the inside.


Part C: Making the binder for the album

Take your 5 x 5-inch piece of cardstock and score it at 1/2-inch intervals from one end to the other.  You will have 9 scored lines when you are done.  Fold the score lines in and out so they look like an accordion.

Part D: Putting it all together

Now take the binder and adhere one edge to one of the album covers.

Adhere each pocket between the accordion folds, then adhere the other edge of the binder to the second album cover.

Be sure to only adhere on one side (same side for each page).  Adhering both sides of pocket will not allow the album to open properly.


After this is done, use a bone folder to secure it better.

Part E:  Finishing up the album

This is where you add your own personal touches.  You can cut mat paper (cardstock) to fit inside each pocket.  Those mats can hold photos, recipes, mementos, or written sentiments, whatever you prefer.  Place a tab on each interior card to help easily pull it from the pocket.  Decorate the outside of each pocket or add more photos/journaling/etc.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around the album to hold it closed.  Adhere it to the front and back covers, leaving the ends to tie at the book’s opening.

That’s it!  Hope you have fun with this project.


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