Glittering Glass Bottles

You’ve probably seen this project on Pinterest and maybe you’ve already tried it.  If you missed it, though, here are the very simple steps to:




Okay, so you have a cool bottle that you’ve saved because of it’s shape or the label or some other reason, and you want to find a neat way to display it in your home.  In my first photo, I found a brand of whiskey that commemorates my current favorite pet.  So, I needed an empty bottle.  It took time, but I eventually emptied it.  You can get your bottle emptied faster if you share it with friends!

Once empty, wash the bottle and let the inside dry.

Now you’ll need just a couple of things to fancy-up your treasure.


The great thing about this project is that you can choose any color of glitter you want, to go with whatever room or theme you’ve got going on in the place you’re going to display the finished bottle.

The first bottle I altered, I used gold glitter to try and mimic the color of the whiskey originally in the bottle.  Wasn’t a perfect match, but it turned out nice.

All you need to do is squirt a little of the floor care finisher into the bottle, then swirl it around to coat the entire inside.  Put the cap on until all surfaces are coated, or, if it’s a glass with no lid, just use your hand to seal the top.


Pour out the extra liquid.

Now, with a regular funnel, or a scrap of paper twisted into a funnel, pour some glitter into your bottle.


The larger the container, the more glitter you will need.  I used about an ounce (volume) of glitter for the whiskey bottle, and probably a tablespoon for the small milk bottle.

Shake it or roll it around until all the interior surfaces are now covered with the glitter.   You can start with a small amount and keep adding if you want.  If you used too much, just pour it out when all the surfaces are coated.  I would recommend just dumping that extra glitter in the trash since it likely came into contact with the floor finisher, at least a little bit, and you don’t know what that chemical might do to another surface you might use the glitter on later.


If you are considering coating the inside of a vase or an open glass container that you want to use to hold things like pens and pencils on your desk, use a container that can accommodate a clear plastic cup of similar size inside it, as the glitter will very likely scrap off easily if disturbed.

I am considering drilling holes in the lids of the small milk bottles to put mini lights in (like from a strand of Christmas lights).  If I get around to doing that, I will update this page to show you the finished project.

For now, these are just put on window sills or mantels to catch and reflect the light.

Hope you enjoy your bottles!


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